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Leader Magazine
SUMMER 1962.
"Round the World in 80 Days", was the title of the very excellent film made by Major Guy Hatch, R.A. on his way home "the long way round" from Hong Kong, and we were very pleased when he offered to show it in the Centre. About 150 boys followed his journey and listened to his excellent commentary.
The June social was quite an energetic affair - with the twist being by far the most popular dance. Although there were fewer girls present than usual, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and there was more room for dancing.
Several old boys have visited us this term. Tpr. Shipway came down for the week-end and took his place in the choir on Sunday morning. Sig. Herbert arrived from Catterick with the news that he was off to Aden very soon. Pte. Wooldridge drove up in a smart new car - and he said he would be going to Kenya in July.
The residents of the Old People's Home in Towyn were entertained by the Committee. They were taken for a drive to Tal-y-llyn, Corris, and Happy Valley, before tea in the Social Centre.
Preparations are well in hand for the Summer Fair and we hope to equal, if not exceed, our last year's result of £17 for the Army Benevolent Fund.





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