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Minutes From The AAJLR Annual General Meeting

by Mike Owsley

Held at the Min-y-Mor Hotel, Barmouth, Wales
Saturday 1 April 2006
35 Members Present

Point 1
The following tended their apologies
K. Avery
T. Brady
R. Carman
J. Cook
R. Dee
K. Glen
S. Green
W. Stroughton
T. Ulet
J. Ulet
E. Wood
T. Silverside
G. Stevens
F. Philpot
R. Relf
M. Meek
C. Gunning
K. Hart
P. Jennings
L. Kalter
A. Young
C. Eley
M. Palfrey
K. Bent
M. Roberts
J. Walker
A. Vetress
P. Treen
G. White
G. Stevens
K. Nangle
Hopefully I have not missed anyone and that I have spelt your names right.

Point 2
Minutes of the previous meeting:
No question on the previous meeting.
Proposal: That the minutes of the last meeting be passed as read.

Point 3
Secretaries Report:
Memorial Stone
Arriva (Wales) who own the lease for Tonfanau Station have been approached by the Secretary to see if they will allow a memorial stone to be placed at the station, tentatively they have agreed, however I have at this moment not received an official reply and will wait out. The purpose of bringing the subject up was to see if we wish to continue this course?
Proposal: That we go ahead with a memorial stone.
The secretary will follow this up and obtain some prices for a stone or plaque.
Car Sharing.
At the last meeting I did say I would place a data base on the site giving location of our members, unfortunately this is proving hard work, however I will press on and get it done. The purpose of the data base is to see if we can give lifts, fill cars and encourage those who may not have the means to get to the reunion to come along. Some may be able to afford the hotel but not the journey costs as well. As we are getting older car sharing in the future is a possibility for those who may not be physically capable of driving.
A number of copies of the proposed Constitution were passed around for members to look at and comment. Having a Constitution will formulise this Association and give it access to other charities, again I am looking ahead to your old age. The constitution was not to be voted on in this session, however please do mail me with comments and suggestions.
Proposal: That the secretary look into writing a formal constitution.
We have 35 apologies which is a great in that we have the same amount of members who could come; last year we had about ten. We all know at least 1 to 3 others who we are in contact with therefore It would help if our e-mails gave our correct names within the forum it is safe and helps others recognise proper names they will remember, therefore could you please look at your profile on the forum and amend it as needed. Keep pressing and encourage ex AAJLR members to join.
Proposal: Amend Profiles on the Forum.

Point 4
Treasurers Report:
The Treasurer outlined the Association Accounts in that at the moment we are a viable concern with £400 available to spend., however he advised that the AAJLR Plaque and Ties needed to be sold soonest so as to pay for them. The Treasurer reminded everyone present that no money was to be passed to him or the Secretary after this meeting as a lesson learned from last year when the Treasurer and Secretary were talking in Braille and still taking in money, any money taken had to be in an envelope with the name and the reason for the money clearly stated. The Treasurer then went on to say that the money taken at the raffle tonight would go to the webmaster to help with the upkeep of the site.
Proposal: That the accounts be passed as read.
Proposal: The raffle money is to be for the upkeep of the site.

Point 5
Chairman’s Report:
The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and hopes they enjoy the evening. The Chairman supported the Treasurers plan for the money to go to the upkeep of the site and reminded everyone that it was Ken Hart who in starting the site brought us all together. The Chairman then went on to inform the members that the Malay Government is to give all participants in the Malay conflict a medal, however it cannot be worn with other campaign medals. He reminded everyone that the veteran’s medal will be available over the next few years for soldier of our year. The Chairman is shortly to visit Terendac camp, as part of that visit he will be visiting the military cemetery and if anyone wanted a grave visited he would be happy to do so on your behalf.

Point 6
Location of the 2007 Reunion:
Much discussion on where we wanted the next reunion both from members present and from messages sent to the meeting, the Chairman reminded everyone that the decision taken here was the one we would go with.
Proposal: That the next reunion be held in the Mini-Y-Mor Hotel on Saturday the 31 March 2007.
Proposals: That wives and partners be allowed to become associate members.
Not Carried
Proposal: That a vote of thanks be given to the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

Point 7
Any Other Business:
The Treasurer informed the members that we as an Association had found 39 new members within a year.

Meeting closed at 1650.

Mike Owsley
Honorary Secretary
AAJLR Association

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