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Leader Magazine
WINTER 1961.
At the beginning of term, no sooner had we re-assembled than we heard that the O.C. had slipped a disc and was off to hospital for six weeks. This was very sad news, but we are delighted to see him back with us again and well on the way to fitness. Meanwhile Captain Fisher took the wheel and commanded the Company during a very successful and hard-working half term, in which the turnout and results on the drill square were above average.
The highlight of the sporting achievements was, of course, the victory of the Company Rugby XV over the Regimental 2nd XV by 14 pts. to 9. Considering the lack of team practice, the result was an excellent reward for Lt. Ross's efforts at coaching, especially as 'R' Company's Morgan, perhaps the best threequarter on the field, went off with a damaged shoulder after only five minutes. Each platoon was represented in the side, Nos. 1 and 3 platoons providing one player each, No. 2 platoon four players, and No. 4 platoon six. The remaining three positions were filled by platoon officers.
The Passing-Out Parade was held in dismal conditions, and although each platoon managed to complete its drill on the Main Square itself, the presentation of the Adjutant's Shield, and the award for the best recruit, were made in one of the drill sheds. The Shield went worthily to No. 3 platoon, (for the third time running), and the Best Recruit was J/Pte. Michael of No. 4 platoon, now of 'B' Company.





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