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In Memoriam
  George Boss  
Royal Anglian Regiment
Died 30th. March 2003
It is with deep regret that I have to report the death of Sergeant George Boss, who served in the 1st and 3rd Battalion's of the Royal Anglian Regiment and was the Curator of 'The Regimental Museum' at Duxford, who died on Sunday 30th March 2003. George will be sadly missed by all his friends and all those who knew him.
Bryan Roberts

I first met George in 1972 in Paderbourn, some 20 plus years after he had left AAJLR he was a Platoon Sergeant who to me was the kind of senior NCO you could talk to as a father figure, and his career was going places. With anything and everything he was there helping any Pompadour who needed it, but that was as far as it got because he had a serious accident where his legs were nearly amputated. He suffered immense pain for years as the healing took place, but George being George found another way to kick start his career.
He finished his service in Bassingbourn Barracks in 1988.
I went to say farewell to George on 8th April 2003 in The Church of St. Peter, St. Paul in the small village of Little Gransden where to me the whole village had turned out. I stood at the back of the church as it was standing room only and was not surprised at the comments made by the village folk about the man they all called George. He was well liked and loved as he was a man who wanted to do all he could to help everyone he met.
George will be sadly missed by everyone who he touched during his short stay here.
So George rest in peace and Goodbye old friend.
Gerald Dorritt

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