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I must say thank you to my mother because without her hoarding instinct I would not have a forty year old copy of the LEADER or the 'GRADUATION' booklet from which I obtained so many names.
Can I also say thank you to all those people who have contibuted to this site. For without their help there would be no site at all.
I would also like to be able to say thanks to YOU, that is if you are able to help me with this web site. Perhaps you, or your proud mum, kept a copy of your 'GRADUATION' booklet or 'PENTAD' or a different copy of 'LEADER'? Or you may have some photos of your days with the Regiment. You may even just remember some comrades names without a great deal else. Then don't let them, and your memories, just gather dust, put it to some use and send me the details.

Please send anything you think may be of assistance direct to me:

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