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About This Web Site
I have tried to break things down into logical sections but there are always times when I find a picture could be in more than one group. If you think that I have put a picture in the 'A' pages which should really be in the 'B' section then please let me know.
For names, dates and places I have to rely on you! I am often impressed by how much some of you remember; given the fact that on some days I can't even remember my own name! Please, please write to me if you see a person you recognise on a picture who's name is not shown.
Most of the photographs appear in a small version which if double-clicked on leads to a larger version. If you want a copy of any of the photos then right click on them and select "Save Picture As..." and save it to your hard drive. In some cases the originals were very large files and if you really want the best copy then write to me and I will try to send you the file via email. In fact there are often two large files - the original and a large version of the one I have cleaned up!
Of the ones on the site I have tried to make the small versions 200 pixels wide compressed to an optimum size of 25000 bytes which only gives a print one inch wide.
Where possible the larger versions are 780 pixels wide giving six inch wide prints compressed to an optimum size of 125000 bytes.
In all cases I try to do my best to improve the picture quality before I put them on the site but some of these pictures are in poor condition and if necessary I will put a poor quality picture on the site rather than leave it off.
If you are submitting photos then please make them as large as possible and scanned at least 300dpi. If they are black and white then try to scan them on the 'Greyscale' or B&W setting.
Once again I would like to thank everyone who contributes whether it be a whole clutch of photos, a story or even a single name for without you this whole site would be useless.
And lastly, please bear with me. This is a labour of love and takes a great amount of time. Sometimes, OK often, I just can't keep up with the flood of information but honestly I do try to do my best....
All the best, Ken
Is Your Stuff Missing From The Site?
As far as I am aware I am now up to date - I do have some photos on the site where the sender is shown as UNKNOWN or some of the names, dates and/or details are missing. If you are able to give any information on anything on the site then please send it to me by clicking on the webmaster link at the top or bottom of every page.
Thank You.

If anything you have sent is still not on the site then send me details:

 Email the Webmaster