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In Memoriam
  Derek Roy Millerchip  
Intelligence Corps
Died 30th. July 1999.
Staff Sergeant Derek Millerchip died on 30th. July 1999 aged 54. He enlisted into the Junior Leaders Regiment at Tonfanau in 1962 at the age of 16 and joined the Intelligence Corps at Maresfield in January 1963. A Russian linguist, he served in Cyprus and Gatow, Berlin and in 1968 was posted to Cheltenham. He left the Intelligence Corps in 1969 and a year later was recruited by GCHQ Cheltenham where he worked until his retirement in April 1999. He leaves a son and a daughter.
The Rose and the Laurel (Journal of the Intelligence Corps),
Volume 14, No.5 December 1999

Additional information from David Hollinshead:
Known as Chip in his early days. Later on everyone knew him as Derek. He passed out of Recruit Company in December 1961, and graduated from AAJLR in April 1963. Chip was into Folk singing in a big way and often entertained the Intelligence Corps mess in Berlin. During his time at GCHQ, he was very well known on the Folk music circuit in the South West.

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