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In Memoriam
  Harry 'Tapper' Bridson  
Kings Regiment
Died Summer 2008.
The death has been reported at his home in the Isle of Man, of Harry "Tapper" Bridson, Kings Regiment, who served with the All Arms Junior Leaders Regiment until graduation on the 11th. of April 1964.
"Tapper" – so called because of his ability with Morse code – went on to serve with 1 Kings where he was a comrade in arms of Johnny Thompson.
One of "Tapper's" former Officers, Major Peter Oakley says of him, "Harry was a true and loyal friend who would do literally anything to help anybody. His military expertise lay in being an expert signaller. When you couldn't get through he would find a way of doing so."
Also "He had a fatherly manner and that was the secret of his brand of leadership. He never shouted nor raised his voice; he had no need to as he commanded great respect from all ranks. He was trusted and his very approachable manner gave particularly young soldiers the confidence to talk to him and seek his advice and guidance".
Major Oakley closes his tribute by saying that, "It's an old cliché to say that when someone passes away that they broke the mould but in Harry's case this was true. We will mourn the loss of this great gentleman and miss him being amongst us with his irrepressible humour and bottomless dish of humanity".
These words were reiterated by Johnny Thompson, and the AAJLR Association join Harry's family and all of his friends in lamenting the loss of a former comrade.
Richard J. Abraham

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