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In Memoriam
  Ian McPherson  
Royal Regiment Of Artillery
Died 14th. January 2011.
Sadly I have to report that Major (Retd) Ian McPherson died of Leukemia on 14 January aged 64. He was J/Sgt in Cambrai.
Ian married Helen who lived in Towyn in the early sixties. He served with 22 AD Regt and was RSM of 16 Regt prior to taking a commission. Other units I recall were 12 AD Regt and 32 Fd Regt. One of his last jobs was QM of the MI Battalion Int Corps in Wilton.
He was a great character who was a soldiers man. I was privileged to be a member of his Rhyl Cup Team, his PMC when RSM and a fellow Quartermaster. His professionalism shone through. This time 20 years ago he was in the desert preparing for the mother of all battles. Together and with other QMs we made sure everybody had body armour before the battle!!
He will be sadly missed by Helen and the boys and to all that knew him.
We will remember him.
Larry Smith

It was with great sadness on opening our Web Site this morning to find that Ian McPherson a friend from some 46 years ago passed away on the 14th of January.
Ian and I were in Cambria Platoon in 1963/64 and of course, both being of Scots descent had a very strong friendship during our time in AAJLR. Forged not only as Junior Leaders but also on the very long train journeys to and from the Homeland in the North East of Scotland.
Ian was the then Jnr Troop Sgt of Cambria who talked me off the cliff face of Devils Kitchen in Snowdonia. A cliff face with a massive drop, when we should not have been their in the first place. I was a very scared young lad who was refusing to move until help arrived.
Something, until today, very few Junior Leaders in Cambrai knew anything about. I have never, and never will forget what he did for me that day.
After we left Tonfanau we only met a couple of times as he was Royal Artillery and I Royal Signals. The most memorable occasion one dark night in Belfast in 1976 where, even as separate Regiments, our patrols 'Bumped into each other' on the corner of some lively estate.
I never doubted that Ian would make an impact within the Royal Artillery being the soldier he was; and only last year, when I attended the Annual Re Union was hoping to meet up with him once again; and in talking to other Cambria lads was hoping to do so this year. Sadly not to be.
My thoughts are with Helen and the family.
I look at an old black and white photograph on my study wall. Five young lads outside of Cambria Platoon where Ian is leaning on my shoulder. Reflecting with sadness that he is no longer with us but also with some very strong and happy memories.
John Burns

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Ian McPherson

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