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In Memoriam
  Major George Stephen Faulkner  
Royal Army Service Corps
Royal Corps Of Transport
Died May 2013.
He died at his home in Spain, on his birthday, in May 2013. He had not been ill, his heart failed.
After Tonfanau my father was posted to Singapore, Nee Soon as I remember, and then we moved to Malaya, Seremban. In about 1966 we returned to the UK and he was with the Territorials in Hull for a 9 month posting. Then Tidworth, Bordon, South Cerney, Hong Kong and Regent's Park Barracks.
He played golf for the Army and ran the ISDT (International six day trials) motorcycle team for a while.
After leaving the Army he worked for National Car Parks until his final retirement.
He lived with his partner, Ann, for some 26 years; they lived near Mold and then retired to Spain. In Mold he volunteered for Mind, in Spain he volunteered for Age Concern. He played a lot of golf and enjoyed the privileges brought by being a committee member or captain of various clubs over the years.
His wife, Pat, predeceased him, living in Alton, Hampshire. He had 3 children with her, his elder son being born at Chester while at Tonfanau, the younger born in Malaya.
George was mentioned at the annual Memorial Service in St Andrews, Aldershot, so if anyone has contact with regimental records it will all be there.
Brenda Keens nee Faulkner (Daughter)

  Faulkner, George Stephen
  George Absailing At Tonfanau

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