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In Memoriam
  Colonel Donald Harry Oxley  
Royal Army Educational Corps
Died 1997
Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1960 he began work at the A.A.J.L.R. education department in 1961.
His next posting was to Hong Kong (where he edited a history of Victoria Barracks to mark the Army handing it over to the HK Govt) Click HERE to see the web site.
During his service he did a mix of education and intelligence roles at Whitehall twice, Hong Kong twice, Beaconsfield twice and other places like Ashford, Bordon, York, Salisbury.
He graduated from Staff College at Camberley. He finished his career as a full Colonel, always saying he would have gone further if he had been able to keep a straight  face when given a silly order or decision.
He was also Commandant of the Herts ACF at the time of his death.
Sadly he died of pancreatic cancer in 1997, aged only 61.
Jonathan Oxley (Son)

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